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Hi, I'm Sara and I am grateful our paths have crossed!  

I'm a bubbly, fiery, Sagittarius here to make a massive, positive impact, one woman at a time!

Many of my clients discover they aren't quite sure who they are aside from the roles they play in the lives of others (I've been there too). Some find themselves reevaluating a relationship, their career or simply wanting more fulfillment in their life! 


They are eager to dive deeper into self-discovery, to love themselves unconditionally and live a life in alignment with who they are consciously becoming, instead of who the world is telling them to be.

I am passionate about helping women build healthy, loving, nurturing relationships with themselves and their bodies so they can tap into their true identity, limitless potential and live their most happy, fulfilled lives!

If this speaks to you, let's connect.

I'd love to learn how I can support you in your journey to living your best life!  




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Body Love Masterclass

Body Love Masterclass will help you heal yourself and your relationship with your body so you can join forces and harness the power of your body’s innate wisdom. 

Through breath work, stretching, meditation, movement, visualization and writing you will tap into the history of your body image and have the opportunity to create a more loving, healthy, supportive relationship. 

Body Love Masterclass
Sara Jafar Adams

Body Love Masterclass


Sara is an important part of my life. She is an excellent personal trainer and has assisted me with issues related to breast cancer and osteoporosis. She constantly tailors my program based on my physical condition and needs. As a life coach she listens and continues to help me with grief, loneliness, anxiety and the frustrations of aging. She is a positive and encouraging influence. Sometimes I feel like she is my biggest fan!


Karin C.

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